"White tablecloths and luxurious flower arrangements against the backdrop of warmly-lit exposed concrete walls, large wine glasses and relaxed music — that is what you see at Deca, a gourmet restaurant featuring Meditteranean cuisine, focusing on fresh fish and superb cheeses. 

The contrast between the business district architecture on the outside and the restaurant's smart decor may prepare you for the superb surprises that await you in each and every dish here. The service is high quality, and includes fine gestures such as cleaning the table with a crumb remover while remaining relaxed and pleasant."


| Israel's Top 10 Kosher Gourmet Restaurants by Matan Abramowitz September 10, 2009 Achbar Online |



"The best private room can be found in kosher Deca, which insists upon not presenting itself as an expensive gourmet restaurant.

Its private room is raised high above, overlooking the main space from a mezzanine floor. Featuring beige hues, warm yellowish lighting and an elongated table, it is elegant, pleasant and original."


| Peaking into the Private Rooms of Luxury Restaurants Ziv Lenchner, September 20, 2009, "Big Time |



"After a dinner which left us wishing for more and drew us back to the restaurant for another visit that same week, we can safely say: Chef Tom managed to convince us that kosher food can be both tasty and creative, and — in addition — the service and atmosphere met all our expectations regarding a gourmet restaurant which respects both itself and its clients".


| Nine Rooms Kosher Gourmet |


"The dishes arrived and were rated "double bingo". The bouillabaisse was deep — like good wine, which should patiently be listened to until all flavors arrived.

Here comes the orange rind, here comes the coriander, there's a hint of anise. It was a bit of a pity that they did not follow tradition and refrained from serving the soup with small toasts and rouille sauce (literally — rust. Orange colored garlic and saffron mayo)".


Makor Rishon / Ori Melamed, August 29, 2013 |




| Makor Rishon / Ori Melamed, August 30, 2013 |




| Makor Rishon / Shaul Yahalom, October 9, 2013 |


"On the upper floor of nostalgic Deca is a beautifully decorated VIP room, which can accommodate events of up to 30 people.

The decor is a dialogue between the two floor industrial looking structure, in which the chef restaurant is located, and the up to date kosher cuisine headed by Roy Cohen. The design language blends the sacred and the profane, tradition and modernity, new and old, urban and rural, the heavenly and earthly".


| Tasteful to Look At / Mili Schwartz, Time Out December 3, 2011 |