Haute cuisine


First and foremost, Deca is an Israeli restaurant, featuring the country's colors and aromas — Mediterranean flavors, spices, hues and sounds… Which are all combined into a superb gastronomic experience, complete with a unique sophisticated twist and a touch of world cuisine.

For us, haute cuisine means a vote of confidence. Between us and our guests. Between us and  their taste buds. Between us and their senses of vision and touch, and their most secret dreams.


As Sagi Cohen writes: "That's what happens when a restaurant is rooted in our pepper fields, floats on our sea waves, wanders in our grandmas' kitchen and immersed in our pumpkin and courgette fields" — this review was not due to the quality of the wine he drank during dinner…

The blend of tastes and colors — from the Israeli-only wine menu, to the plating, the components of the dishes, and the menu — serves to define the elusive, undefinable thing which the tastebuds identify without a doubt: Israeli flavor.

"If you stop eating for a moment (which is not easy), you realize that Deca is a superb Israeli restaurant, with food that not only lets you enjoy each and every bite, but also makes you smile without knowing exactly why. Yuck, same tacky poetics once again. See what a bit of mini okra can do to a guy?"

(Sagi Cohen, NRG)

Open Monday to Thursday, 12:00 am to 11 pm. 10 HaTa'assiya Street, Tel Aviv. Parking available. Disabled access. Tel: 03-5629900