About us…


A bit of history:

Deca was founded in 2007 as a kosher dairy restaurant.

The menu was put together by Chef Haim Cohen, who served as the restaurant's culinary advisor.

In 2008, Chef Tom Cabalo took over as Deca's main chef and served as its manager until the beginning of 2013. Roy Cohen became the restaurant's chef at the beginning of 2012, with Yael Yosef serving as its manager.

Why kosher?

Today's business community has expanded and now includes leading business people who are religious or even orthodox. In addition, kosher food is no longer regarded as untasty. In order to combine the two, and provide an answer to the changing needs, we established Deca as a kosher chef restaurant, featuring an original, up-to-date menu.


Since we believe that taste buds are inseparable from the overall experience, and food is only part of the atmosphere, we entrusted the restaurant's design to two of Israel's leading architects: Irene Kronenberg and Alon Baranowitz. The restaurant's design maintains a dialogue with its surroundings, which serve as the main motif for the existing space.

It's all in the details: the plating of the dishes, the design of the restuarant and making our guests happy.

because when you're happy, we're elated

Gourmet kosher restaurant, open Monday – Thursday, 12:00 am – 11 pm. 10 HaTa'assiya St. Tel Aviv. Parking available. Disabled access. Tel: 03-5629900