Kosher chef restaurant, open Monday to Thursday, 12:00 am to 11 pm. 10 HaTa'assiya Street, Tel Aviv. Parking available. Disabled friendly. Tel:  03-5629900

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Daniel Rogov

The entrées are above and beyond. I sampled a thick slice of amberjack, whose skin was roasted until crispy. Its flesh was firm and very tasty. The filet of fish was garnished with tasty okra, resting on a bed of chickpeas, roasted eggplant and chopped onion — all sautéed with yogurt and wild oregano.

Daniel RogovHa‘aretz’s famed restaurant reviewer Entrée Provides Revamped Experience
Gil Hovav

I think Deca is the most beautiful restaurant in Israel. When you pass by, it's hard to imagine there's a restaurant in there and, of course, how beautiful it is. But when you walk in, you see a space of exposed concrete, with stripes of mirrors, and above it — supporting the vaulted ceiling — cream colored oriental-style metal gratings. It is simply breathtaking. — Way to go!

Gil HovavAs we say in Hebrew - Chapeaux
Tzachi Bukshtater

The restaurant's space is meant to dazzle its clients from the very start, with a design of exposed concrete and metal gratings, although no one goes back to a reastaurant for its interior design. It's the food that counts, and in this respect — Deca dazzled us.

Tzachi BukshtaterChefDeca is Ten on My Scale
Matan Abramowitz

White tablecloths and luxurious flower arrangements against the backdrop of warmly lit exposed concrete walls — that is what you see at Deca, a gourmet restaurant featuring Mediterranean cuisine and focusing on fresh fish and superb cheeses.  The contrast between the business district architecture on the outside and the restaurant's smart decor may help to prepare you for the superb surprises that await you in each and every dish here.

Matan AbramowitzAchbar Online Israel’s Top 10 Kosher Gourmet Restaurants

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So… come visit. We'd love to have you

Deca Restaurant, 10 HaTa'assiya Street, Tel Aviv. Tel:  03-5629900